What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

Just wanted you to know that Christopher Mack is an exceptional employee. He just came to our home in Chestnut Hill to determine if we had a mold issue (thankfully, we do not!) and he was courteous, professional and very helpful. He suggested we clean out the filters and ducts throughout the house and made my decision very easy.

I think it’s important to let people know when they do a terrific job.

SERVPRO was highly recommended to me as I had my house on the market and there was mold in the basement. 

I was happy to work with them as they were prompt, professional and accommodating! 

There was a strong musty smell coming from the attic but I wasn't sure if it was mold and even if it was how I was going to handle it! SERVPRO came out quickly, did an estimate I was happy with and then executed the job! 

SERVPRO helped us relieve so much stress! Trying to sell our home we knew we had to remove the mold in the attic first and SERVPRO came right in and took care of our issue!I would definitely use them again if need be. 

There was water damage that was not noticed in my basement until it started growing mold. Luckily, we had SERVPRO come out quickly, they were accommodating to our schedule and keep us updated on all things happening from beginning to end.

Due to the ice dams from the previous year, I had black mold in my attic and my kitchen. SERVPRO handled the job and within 3 days the home had a fresh feel about it. 

SERVPRO was great when they helped a customer of mine remediate mold in one portion of their home and when they discovered more mold they took care of it quick and fast!

Due to the Ice Dams we faced some water damage which ultimately turned into mold. SERVPRO assessed the issue and remediated it quickly!