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Hi All,

  I wanted to share a real life story related to last week’s presentation by SERVPRO’s Aaron Roy. I’ve known Aaron for some time now and he’s had great interactions with several of my past clients. Last Wednesday’s presentation was a great refresher for me and I also learned more about SERVPRO’s capabilities past disaster recovery, including storing clients’ property in their climate controlled warehouse where they can fix damage done to personal effects.   Two days later when I was awakened by a family member who had 6 inches of water in their basement and needed all hands on deck, Aaron’s presentation seemed apropos. I headed straight over and with 6 pumps and 5 people removing water with buckets it took us 7 hours to remove most of the water. When I got there I was informed that all the local disaster remediation companies had been consulted and nobody would be able to visit the home for at least several days. So, I called Aaron.   Aaron had an associate to the house in 90 minutes. There was a plan in place that night and crews were at the house the next day tearing out carpet and transporting personal property to the climate controlled warehouse I’d only just learned existed. This included the contents of a wood shop where custom guitars are created and donated to charity auctions. The guys at SERVPRO also guided us on how to approach the insurance company and are billing the insurance company directly, taking one more thing off the plates of people who simply didn’t have the bandwidth for one more thing.    I am incredibly grateful for what Aaron was able to do for my family and if you or your clients have a similar situation I would absolutely give him a call, contact information below. He definitely saved the day!

Just wanted to tell you how impressed I was at how carefully they packed up my things in boxes.

Every fragile item (have unpacked bedroom boxes so far) was carefully protected.  And each box was carefully labeled with the room it belongs in and its contents.

Today the crew that moved things back in from the pod worked so hard.  Putting each box and piece of furniture into the room it belonged in where possible.

There are still two uncarpeted rooms, so the contents for that room had to be put elsewhere.

They worked so so hard.  And had not only me but photos of where everything belonged.

I was so impressed.  And grateful.

Just wanted you to know that Christopher Mack is an exceptional employee. He just came to our home in Chestnut Hill to determine if we had a mold issue (thankfully, we do not!) and he was courteous, professional and very helpful. He suggested we clean out the filters and ducts throughout the house and made my decision very easy.

I think it’s important to let people know when they do a terrific job.

On behalf of the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital, please accept our deepest appreciation for your extremely generous donation of skill, time, and equipment used in the cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting of two (former) smoke shelters.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to see your team in action were deeply impressed by their hard work and jaw-dropping results under the direction of Project Manager, Nicholas Sturgeon. In addition to Nicholas, please extend our deepest appreciation to Crew Chiefs: Kevin Smith, Stephanie Puopolo, Jake Couturier, and Mike Davis, and Marketing Support Coordinator, Ryan Boey.

Your donation and rapid response to this challenge are allowing us to transform these structures into safe, sparkling clean patient/family visitation areas. Veterans and their families who have not been able to see each other for months due to Corona Virus safety measures will now have two beautiful "greenhouses" to spend precious, safe time together because of you and your SERVPRO professionals!

Your team has made a true and significant difference to our nation's heroes and we want you to know what a huge morale boost this is to the Veterans, families, and staff. You can be very proud of the commitment, respect, and excellence they brought to the job!

We are deeply grateful for your rapid response and generous gift.

Your painters have done an absolutely marvelous job with the basement. Their meticulous work brings vibrancy to a drab old basement.

Throughout the entire salvage operation, from decontaminating the sewage backflow, to restorative carpentry and painting, your men acted with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

My hat off to the team at SERVPRO: they are role models for the industry.

First of all, Nick is the reason we said YES to SERVPRO. Secondly, Nick, Kevin and their team, is why we'd say YES again, should we ever need any clean-up due to any disaster or damage to our home. Nick: Your efforts --- not just with managing the entire process but also with contacting our insurance company, meeting with our insurance adjuster and processing our claim --- made the whole process nearly painless. Thank you. Kevin: You and Mike along with your team listened to our concerns, were hard-working, and paid attention to detail. Plus, your daily monitoring put our minds at ease and excellent final clean-up was outstanding. Thank you to all. Though there was unexpected damage to our ceiling (which you reported to us immediately along with a promise to fix it), you made calls for repairs to be done asap, and we met with the contractor the very next day to make arrangements. We were lucky to have excellent customer service from Nick, Kevin, Mike and their team ---- thank you very much!

"I had a great experience with SERVPRO of Waltham. They were more than helpful and I would recommend to anyone!" 

I highly recommend SERVPRO for the following reasons: I called about water in the basement and they were here the same day! Christopher Mack was extremely helpful throughout the entire process: advising me about the insurance claim, honest about pricing, patient with me when I cried about the mess, and checked in every day.

It was such a great experience with SERVPRO that I wouldn't recommend anybody else.

Steve mobilized a team very, very quickly. I would absolutely recommend SERVPRO®. They’re a wonderful business partner.

Excellent service, very satisfied. Service people were great. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

The crew chief Mike was great, knowledgeable and walked us through every step of the way. I highly recommend the company and Mike as well.

Great customer service/responsiveness and were great about questions and concerns.

The on-site personnel in all respect and did a great job

I was very happy with Carl and his team.. they did great!

The work the crew did was great!

We used SERVPRO in the past and when we had a reoccurring issue of mold in one of our homes, we knew who to call on. We tried multiple times to remediate the problem ourselves but eventually knew there had to be something more effective. 

SERVPRO not only remediated the issue, they provided us with solutions to keep the issue from coming back. Glad we had them as a resource!

SERVPRO was highly recommended to me as I had my house on the market and there was mold in the basement. 

I was happy to work with them as they were prompt, professional and accommodating! 

My sister and I rent the house out to tenants and unfortunately there was small electrical fire in the home but after googling SERVPRO I felt confident to let them do the cleaning. 

They worked with me and my insurance to break the job up into two separate cleanings. The initial cleaning went great so I can't wait to have them back out in a few months!

I was in Seattle when I was looking at my nanny camera and realized there was water leaking from the third floor of my home all the way down to the first floor. I was in a panic but SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford responded to my call so fast. 

There was extensive damage to my home but they took care of it as if it were their own. 

We use SERVPRO for everything on the Base and when a small candle fire occurred we knew who to call immediately. The tenant had serious medical conditions so SERVPRO understood our concern and took it as their own, they were fast, thorough as always and we love using them. 

I was in the process of purchasing this home but I knew there was a lot of cleaning to be handled that I could not personally do. SERVPRO helped me along every step of the way and took my concerns very seriously. SERVPRO was recommended to me and I would totally recommend them to others!

There was a strong musty smell coming from the attic but I wasn't sure if it was mold and even if it was how I was going to handle it! SERVPRO came out quickly, did an estimate I was happy with and then executed the job! 

There was construction happening right outside of our office and when a water pipe burst our basement became full of water. SERVPRO was out here quickly and dried everything out in 3 days. We will definitely recommend SERVPRO to others!

Tammi Kibler, SERVPRO's Marketing Contact plugged into my ear that maybe I was sick due to poor air quality in my home so I decided to get my duct system cleaned. They were prompt, answered all my questions and made my home feel less congested. Then I recommended a friend to use them for the same services!

My daughter was moving back home so we needed a deep cleaning of the basement. Setting up the estimate was quick and even though I could not begin the services until a month later, SERVPRO worked with me from start to finish! 

SERVPRO helped us relieve so much stress! Trying to sell our home we knew we had to remove the mold in the attic first and SERVPRO came right in and took care of our issue!I would definitely use them again if need be. 

There was water damage that was not noticed in my basement until it started growing mold. Luckily, we had SERVPRO come out quickly, they were accommodating to our schedule and keep us updated on all things happening from beginning to end.

We had another SERVPRO cleaning the structure of our home after a fire next door, so we thought it was only right to have our contents cleaned by SERVPRO. They were very patient, understanding and constantly updating us on the status of our personal belongings. 

We had once faced this issue before and SERVPRO came to the rescue so we already knew who to call to handle the water loss! We appreciate the services very much and for keeping us on track.

Due to the ice dams from the previous year, I had black mold in my attic and my kitchen. SERVPRO handled the job and within 3 days the home had a fresh feel about it. 

SERVPRO was great when they helped a customer of mine remediate mold in one portion of their home and when they discovered more mold they took care of it quick and fast!

Due to the Ice Dams we faced some water damage which ultimately turned into mold. SERVPRO assessed the issue and remediated it quickly!

We were told that due to the storm we had mold under our home that was affecting our crawlspace. SERVPRO remediated it with no problem and I definitely recommended them to other people I knew who were facing losses.

Mr. John and the crew was great! They serviced our crawlspace that was affected with the river water rising from Hurricane Matthew.

Due to Hurricane Matthew much of our home was flooded but SERVPRO had no problem servicing us by doing demolition and drying out our home. I recommend them to everyone who is facing a disaster!

After we had ripped out the flooring ourselves, SERVPRO came in and dried out the home for us just 3 days. I was happy they were able to service us. 

Our commercial business was badly affected by mold due to Hurricane Matthew and we were lucky to have SERVPRO remediate our office as quickly as they could taking.

I was really happy to have SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford help me out with my flooded home when the local SERVPRO's were overwhelmed. 

I was faced with an overnight fire and there were 10 rooms that were affected. SERVPRO handled it by cleaning the home and deodorizing it to the best of their abilities. 

I use SERVPRO for many of my tenants' losses and this one particular home was faced with years of soot puffback. Everything in the home was covered in soot and SERVPRO made sure they got into all the nooks and crannies when it came to cleaning. I love relying on them. 

We had sprinklers going off at a Staples due to the wrong wire being cut but SERVPRO was there to save the day! They had multiple crews out to help us dry the location in just three days. 

Bernardi Honda had some flooding due to a careless employee but SERVPRO was there in a flash to help us dry out the place. We are a busy business so we were afraid we would have to shut down for a couple of days but SERVPRO assured us they'd keep us in business!

I had a fire in my home when I was away in South Carolina, but SERVPRO kept me and my family updated on what was happening. They saved what personal items of mine they could which I was super grateful for. 

Here at Hanscom Air Force Base we use SERVPRO for all of our losses. They were on the property doing a carpet cleaning when a small candle fire happened at another site - they were there promptly and gave us a sense of instant relief and comfort. 

You have a disaster. Water is pouring into your basement. Like a knight SERVPRO shows up, stops the water and dries out the place in 48 hours, so mold won't develop. What's the value of that?!

The crew that came was very pleasant and respectful. Any time I had a question or a suggestion they took care of it as soon as possible. I really appreciate them cleaning up my mice problem. 

SERVPRO responded quickly to my loss and Jason was very professional. I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone facing a disaster. 

Jason was super respectful and responsive to any questions that I had. SERVPRO always does great work and I am always satisfied. 

Would recommend to others.

Keep up the good work!

Very cordial and knowledgeable people.

Very pleased with prompt services and communication shown by all your employees.

They were rapid response to our call, polite and professional. Explained everything well even looked out for our cats. We are very grateful for the response and care in this situation.

Great work, great team!

They were very professional, knew what they were doing, pleasant, came when they said!

Jeremy and Mike were very prompt, courteous and thorough. Showed great care in protecting my home. Chris was prompt and on time, overall very satisfied with service.

Very helpful - courteous - prompt - thank you!

They were the best professional I ever had and very nice guys.

Alan and Hector were personable and professional. Thanks for all your help!

You're awesome!

Steve & his crew were extremely professional, and made the job look easy

Guys were great!

Excellent, helpful, and very knowledgable

On time, explained everything, cleaned everything. I can express the perfect time my family and I had.

Quite happy with their work. Very nice people to work with

Alan did a great job and we were extremely pleased.

I was satisfied with professionalism of the staff

Thank you for your excellent service!

Great team and great service. Thank you

Everything was great! Carl and his team were terrific to work with. Thank you for a job well done!